28 Sep - 300

300 people have now signed up for the LevelX.info service, just 2 1/2 weeks after launch.    It's great that word is spreading fast - please mention us to people you know who may be interested.    We're looking at two additional ways to get the information - a smaller web page which can be viewed on Blackberries, and a Twitter feed.   


11 Sep - Launched !

After a frantic couple of weeks, we've finally launched in Thatcham.    There are still some touches to add: iPhone/iPad users who register on their mobile devices can now activate the app with just a click, this feature is coming to Android in the next couple of days.   In the 'real world' you might now notice the temporary traffic signs about us around the level crossing.   If you have read them, congratulations - apparently only 16% of drivers actually do so !








13 Jul - Fame at last ...

LevelX.info and the level crossing featured on ITV Meridian today - you can see Mike Pearse's report here


13 Jun - Trials are starting

We're making good progress with the system and our apps for iPhone and Android, and have reached the stage where we're ready to start beta trials.  We've invited a few people to join this programme to experience the LevelX.info service and help us with bug spotting and understanding peoples preferences a bit better.      Numbers are limited at present - but please drop us a line via the Contact Us form if you want to give LevelX.info an early spin.    The next major stop is our public launch ...


10 Jun - ITV filming

I was filmed at the level crossing yesterday by Mike Pearse from Meridian.    His report was broadcast by ITV Anglia, we're still waiting to hear when Meridian will show it ...


6 May - Sensor installed

An exciting high level experience at the level crossing today, courtesy of West Berkshire Council and their contractors Volker.   We installed a solar-powered sensor overlooking the crossing - this will record exact times when the gates close and re-open and will help refine the accuracy of our predictions:



1st May   - LevelX.info wins the Coras 2014 awards 

It was a huge priviledge to win the Coras 2014 award last night - Coras is an event aimed at encouraging and nurturing small businesses in West Berkshire